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Computer Repairs

Should you suffer a mishap or problems with your notebook, do not despair; our engineers are fully conversant with the finer details of notebook construction and assembly and can help with almost any problem you have. You just need to drop into our shop or even give us a call and we can do what we can to help you out.


Broken display

Should you display be broken or cracked? We can obtain a new panel and fit the unit to your machine very quickly, usually the price for replacing a 15” display is around the £180, and for larger or smaller size screens please call or bring the machine into the shop, with a few details taken from your machine we can call our supplies and see what there is available for you.


Not Charging

A common cause for your notebook not charging is a broken power jack, this is where the power charger fits into the notebook, if it moves excessively it probably needs to be replaced. We keep replacement power jacks in store, the cost to have the jack replaced is a fixed £100. Please call 01372-370300 or drop in with your machine for more details.


Broken Charger

We have in stock a selection of universal and original power supplies for notebooks. We have original power supplies in stock for most modern laptops/notebooks at £37 and universal power supplies with 13 different tips also from £35.


Data Recovery

If your notebook or computer is not working and you require the data off of it, usually we can recover the data and copy it on to a CD, DVD, External hard drive or new machine, but this is all dependent on the damage done to the computers internal hard drive. Data recovery is from £72.



For any other issue either hardware or software related the charge is £60+VAT per hour with most repairs being completed within two hours. There’s usually a 3 – 5 day waiting period however there is a gold service that costs an extra £60 + VAT that allows you to jump the waiting queue and be the next machine the engineers look at. Minimum charge for non repairable computers is £50 + VAT.

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