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Technical support and solutions

Here you can find some of the software we use and recommend along with some useful links to access your accounts.


Some of the software on this page we supply as part of our total care support package, a popular service that includes unlimited support with premium antivirus and unlimited cloud backup. If you would like more information on this service please click on the orange button below.


Remote Connection Software

Splashtop is a piece of software that we use as part of our Total Care Support Package, using it we can remotely connect through to a PC and help with computer problems.


Data Backup Software

In order to keep your files safe and avoid the loss of your precious photographs or important word documents, we recommend the backup program Livedrive. You can get it as part of our Total Care support package or have it as a single program.  Use the link here to acess the login page so you can check what is being backed up by livedrive and redownload any files you need or to download livedrive for windows or mac onto your computer. {Remember you will need your account username and password for either process, should you not know this information feel free to contact us we may have the details stored on our system}


TecRes Webmail

Are you using one of our Tec Res email addresses? Well if you aer then this section is for you. Using the link below you can login to your Tec Res email account as long as you know your email address and password you can access your email from almost anywhere as long as your device has an internet connection.

office 365

Account Login

Do you use Office 365? Be it for home or for buisness from here you can login to your account.

microsoft account

Microsoft Account

In order to install program such as micorosft office, these days you need an account to register the product code too, its not as easy as just putting in a disc. Below you will find a link to take you to where you create account, you can setit up with an existing email address or create a brand new one.

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