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Business Solutions

Since our formation in 1987 we have been providing the most comprehensive business support services to companies in London and Home Counties, be they fledgling start-ups or multinational corporates. We recognise the best support solution for you is one that has been tailored to fit your needs and your budget, without compromise.


When you depend on your IT system even the smallest of problems may have dramatic and costly consequences, deploying the latest monitoring techniques we ensure your system is always running to its optimum, thus reducing downtime and disruption


We monitor your Network and IT systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring you can focus on your business


Please contact us to discuss your requirement, be-it a one off engineering call of a comprehensive support contact 



let us be your inhouse  IT support Department

Total Care

Our Total Care package is an all encompassing support package for your computers and data.


We take care of you and your computer and any troubles you may have with it, the package include a couple of additional pieces of software, for you protection and care, they are.


Internet Security - we protect your computer and data by using the market leading internet security programme from Webroot, this runs quietly on the system causing minimum fuss to your daily usage.

Backup your data to our cloud servers - Have all your data automatically backed up onto the TecRes Cloud where it can be accessed by you from any internet connected devices.


Remote Access - Have your PC Problems solved quickly through the use of remote control software, with a simple phone call we can have a technician remotely connect through to your machine to see what you are seeing, resolve your problems and provide you with a solution.


Workshop labour- Not all issues are resolvable via our remote access, but be assured we will cover all the labour costs in resolving your problems at our Leatherhead workshop.

In short- total peace of mind for you and your computer


All of this for one machine for just £125 a year +VAT


Please contact us for more information, or download our information sheet on it here



Repair Work


Should you suffer a mishap or problems with your computer, do not despair; our engineers are fully conversant with the finer details of PC, notebook and Apple construction and assembly and can help with almost any problem you have. You just need to drop into our shop or even give us a call and we can do what we can to help you out.


Our turn around for workshop repairs is usually 5-7 days working days, this is purely dependent on how busy we are and the queue of computers waiting to be repaired.



If waiting the 5-7 days to have your machine returned is not feasible, we have our GOLD SERVICE, for a one off fee your repair jumps our current engineering queue, and is worked on as the next repair, Please ask for further details.


Collection and delivery.

We understand it is not always possible to bring your equipment into the store.  We can organise to have your faulty items collected, repaired and returned to you at a convenient time for you


Onsite work

Should you prefer the engineering work to be carried out on your premises, or you would prefer a regular weekly or monthly engineering call to attend to less urgent matters we have a solution for you too.  Please enquire for further information  



Email Provision

We come provide a complete managed email services for anything from personal email addresses to advanced business accounts or even corporate exchange mail. With customisable virus and spam protection for webmail, POP3, IMAP or Exchange mail. Ideal for people wanting to move up to a personal email or anyone wanting business class email with full synchronisation between multiple devices. If you want scalable and secure hosted email we can help.



Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing



Office 365, Cloud data, Cloud storage


Cloud computing put simply relates to data and hosted services which are not present on your premises.



Cloud can play a very important role in your IT infrastructure


Microsoft have evolved a wide variety of cloud based solutions, the most popular currently is their Office 365 and Hosted Exchange.  We have may customers enjoying the efficiencies provided.


Equally we have a large user base using the "Cloud" to store and share their data with other users and collegues, all data is backued and and synchronised to every user, thus available for off line use too


Backing up your data to the cloud, is a quick and reliable method of taking your data offsite for security and protection. 



One solution does not suit all, if you would like a free of charge consultation on the best solution for your business please contact us.



For a full quotation please contact us

Domain Hosting

Domain Hosting

We can provide a complete domain hosting package with a huge variety of options from personal email addresses to advanced business accounts or even corporate exchange mail. Website design and support for simple personal websites to complex multiple page websites. We can provide a hosting and support solution for personal use or businesses of any size. We can handle the migration from an existing domain and provide scalable and secure hosted email and website packages. With automatic renewal and management of your domains.

Please note that .uk domain names are subject to Nominet's Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration which can be found at


To speed up implementation and keep downtime to a minimum, you can rely on TecRes. We are recognised as one of the premier IT service providers, supporting desktops and servers inside or outside normal working hours, whenever you need help.


Desktop support

You can enhance service to your desktop users by utilising our high-level technical skills as your own first-line support. We can set up a dedicated helpdesk on your site or you can make use of the TecRes helpdesk. Our engineers can operate as full-time or part-time members of your own team, or visit your site when needed. You can use our desktop engineers to speed up a wide range of tasks, including:



Delivery and set-up

Software installation


Moves, adds and replacements

Hardware maintenance

PC imaging



Server support

Servers are at the top of every mission-critical list, so we offer enhanced server support that goes way beyond a basic repair service. Our team of certified engineers provide support by telephone, remote dial-in or site visits.



Our comprehensive service includes :

Hardware building and deployment

Software installation and configuration

Application installation and configuration

LAN integration of new and existing servers

Connection to storage and/or security devices

Problem resolution

Performance tuning

Hardware maintenance

Management of third-party maintenance and support contracts


For a full quotation please contact us

Support Contracts


Network and Server Support


Ensuring your systems and servers are always available to you and your colleagues is imperative, a faulty system means downtime, loss of productivity to you and your company and ultimately a loss of revenue.


Using the latest tools and technologies on the market keep checks on your systems 24 hours per day 7 days a week.


We check that scheduled tasks like backups are completed error free

That your network is secure from viruses and hackers

We backup your data to offsite cloud servers for additional security and peace of mind

We carry out most of these tasks remotely so you won’t even know that it happening


To find out how we can help you please call us on 01372-370300


Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business needs to be operational all the time.


Data loss can cause business failurers,  using the state of the art backup solutions we copy your data to secure cloud servers across the world, to ensure your data is secure and available in the event of a loss of any knd


Using on premise backup solutions reduce your data recovery time dramatically.

For the ideal solution for your business please contact us to discuss your needs further.


 Remember: If your server's down, so is your business!



We stock a massive range of inkjet cartridges and laser toner consumables for ALL leading manufacturers, should we not have your item instock we usually can obtain it for the next busines day


We are the cheapest place to buy genuine consumables AND woth out ink loyalty card you get a further 10% discount- buy 9 get the 10th free


If you would like to enquire what on our price and availability please fill in the form below with the printer model number or the cartridge number and we will respond to you as soon as we can


Internet Connections


We can provide you with a variety of internet connection solutions


Via your BT phone line we can offer our own managed business grade broadband service, with speeds running upto 80Mb download and 20Mb upload and a static IP address.


Satellite Broadband

Our service provides reliable, high-speed, always-on internet access wherever you are. Our network connects entirely via our satellites, so whether you are in the city centre or the depths of the countryside, you can read the latest news, check your emails, upload documents, or download music via your Satellite Broadband connection.


Via the Mobile phone network

We have a assortment of options, for adhoc, contract free mobile broadband connections- please contact us for details




Custom Built Pc's

We can order a variety of desktops into our shop next working day, but if none of these take your fancy, there is always the option of a custom build machine. Whether it is for a day to day use computer, high spec gaming PC or even a photo editing machine, we can help find the best quality components specific for your need, which is built and tested at a high standard all ready for your intended use.

Projector Hire


Hiring a projector from us comes at a rate of £50 per day you have the projector.


You can arrange a pick up and drop of date from us, we can provide the correct cables for connecting your laptop to the device, if you bring it with you we can give you a quick show on how to connect it up adn how the projector works to make sure you are familiar with it.


For any further questions just call or ask in store.

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