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BT OpenReach Phone Service Cut Off 2025

BT Openreach’s current plans are that traditional phone line services (PSTN) will no longer be supported as of December 2025. This means that at that point any traditional phone line services will stop working and because of that any broadband services that are using those phone line as part of the connection will also stop working.

A lot of home and business broadband and phone services still run on the older PSTN and because those service will be effected by the 2025 deadline.

We wanted to inform as many broadband and phone users as possible well ahead of this 2025 deadline.


TecRes can provide newer broadband and phone services that will continue to work after the 2025 changes.

We can Provide Sogea or FTTP Fibre Broadband which doesn't require a phone service to work to ensure that you have a working broadband connection after the BT Openreach planned cut-off.

The phone service we can provide is called Phoneline+ which is an internet-based phone service that changes how your phone connects, but allows you to use your existing phone handset and make calls in the same way that you currently do. All we do is provide an adapter at no extra cost that allows your phone base station or receiver to connect to your Broadband Router instead of a phone socket.

With these two new solutions in place you wont experience any ceasing of services in 2025 and beyond.

You might also find that you can have a monthly cost saving as our Phoneline+ service includes most calls at no charge. It has inclusive Unlimited UK Local and National and All UK Major Mobile Operators.

As part of the setup of your new broadband or phone service we include replacement routers and the onsite installation all at no extra charge.

You have plenty of time to think about this as the cut-off from Openreach is not until the end of 2025, but we wanted to inform all of our customers as early as possible as the closer we get to the deadline the higher the demand for broadband and phone line service migrations will be and that could lead to delays and downtime.

Find out more information by getting in touch with our team using 01372 370 300 or using

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