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Working with laptops

Whether you are looking to keep an existing machine running, or you are thinking of changing your setup you can rely on our experience and expertise to ensure your computers and IT system at home perform to the optimum.


From our store in Leatherhead we hold a significant range of Tablets, notebooks, desktops PC's, printers, networking and consumables.  Should we not have something instock we usually can obtain it for the next day.


Our Leatherhead based technicians carry out a full range of services and repairs, on PC’s and Mac’s including data recovery, installation of systems & networks, virus removal, problem-solving, notebook repairs, cabling and wireless trouble shooting plus tablet and phone repairs. Whatever your problem there is a good chance we have encountered it


By subscribing to our Total Care support package, ensures you are always protected, whilst enjoying full peace of mind that your data is being backed-up to our cloud servers for security and resilience.   Should you have an issue we can usually resolve the problem in seconds, via our full remote connection... see below for more information.

total c

Let us be your in house 
IT Support Department

Our Total Care package is an all encompassing support package for your computers and data.


We take care of you and your computer and any troubles you may have with it, the package include a couple of additional pieces of software, for you protection and care, they are.


Internet Security - we protect your computer and data by using the market leading internet security programme from Webroot, this runs quietly on the system causing minimum fuss to your daily usage.

Backup your data to our cloud servers - Have all your data automatically backed up onto the TecRes Cloud where it can be accessed by you from any internet connected devices.


Remote Access - Have your PC Problems solved quickly through the use of remote control software, with a simple phone call we can have a technician remotely connect through to your machine to see what you are seeing, resolve your problems and provide you with a solution.


Workshop labour- Not all issues are resolvable via our remote access, but be assured we will cover all the labour costs in resolving your problems at our Leatherhead workshop.


total peace of mind for you and your computer


All of this for one machine for just £125.00 a year +VAT


Please contact us for more information, or download our information sheet on it here



Computer Repairs 


Should you suffer a mishap or problems with your computer, do not despair; our engineers are fully conversant with the finer details of PC, notebook and Apple construction and assembly and can help with almost any problem you have. You just need to drop into our shop or even give us a call and we can do what we can to help you out.


Our turn around for workshop repairs is usually 5-7 days working days, this is purely dependent on how busy we are and the queue of computers waiting to be repaired.



If waiting the 5-7 days to have your machine returned is not feasible, we have our GOLD SERVICE, for a one off fee your repair jumps our current engineering queue, and is worked on as the next repair, Please ask for further details.


Collection and delivery.

We understand it is not always possible to bring your equipment into the store.  We can organise to have your faulty items collected, repaired and returned to you at a convenient time for you


Onsite work

Should you prefer the engineering work to be carried out on your premises, or you would prefer a regular weekly or monthly engineering call to attend to less urgent matters we have a solution for you too.  Please enquire for further information .


New computers

New Computers

In our store we stock a variety of laptops and desktops which are all ready to take home that day. All you need to do is give us a call or come into our store with the computer specifications or your useage for the computer and we can try to find the best solution for you.


Custom Built PC's

In some situations we find the best solutions is for us to detail and build a machine to a precise specification for you, it may be a very quiet machine, one with solid state hard drives, or high performing graphics.


Whatever your needs they are very achievable.  Usually a custom built machine will take about 7 days to prepare for you.


We do also keep stocks of some of our more popular custom build machines, so please get in touch with your requirements


Printer Repairs

Is your printer not working correctly? Not printing a certain colour? Making an odd noise? Scanning or printing with a line that shouldnt be there? Has Paper got stuck inside it?


If this is the case we can help service or repair your printer, our printer expert can take a run several tests and clean up the printer to try and get it back in working order.

Printer repair costs start between £45 - £80

here help

Are you having an issue with your computer? it could be something challenging you that you are sure has a simple solution, well bring it into our store and we can try to help you solve the problem at our counter with a friendly staff member. Sometimes it is never that easy, but if we can we will help you out free of charge before we consider booking it in for a paid repair.


Feel Free to come and talk to us with any computer problem that you have been encountering and we will do everything we can to find a solution to your problem, just ask us.

Here to Help


Setup Options

We appreciate an important element when buying a new computer is having it working quickly and easily with the minimum amount of fuss and inconvenience. This is possible by selecting the most applicable setup option to your needs.


Option 1 - Computer Setup and Initialisation

                With an option one our engineers will install and configure windows, the latest patches and updates on to your brand new computer as well as any purchased software and hardware like virus protection, Microsoft Office and printers. This means that when you get started on your computer all the updating, installation and setup has been done for you.


Option 2 - Data Transfer

Computer Setup and Initialisation is also included in an Option 2 Setup

                Have you got your favourite family photographs, music, documents and even internet favourites on your old computer which is keeping you from upgrading? This option will transfer all data, emails, shortcuts and settings across onto your brand new computer. That way you can have your layout, shortcuts and documents just the way they were before, making your new computer just as easy to use as your old one was.


Option 3 - Onsite Installation

Data Transfer and Computer Setup is also included in an Option 3 Setup

                Having your computer incorporated into your home and daily life is an important part of having a computer. With an option three installation our engineers will attend site at your home/ business and have your computer all setup and working before they leave. They can also help with the setup of a wireless printer and computer networking if it is needed, as well as help give a brief explanation about how to use your new system if needed.



Remote Support

We understand that computers go wrong and sometimes with a busy schedule its impossible to bring them into our workshop for us to work on them, which is why we offer remote support. The program we use is logmein and it allows us to login to your computer remotely, all you need to do is be there to start and initiate the process, point out the issue to our engineers and after that you can leave us to work on solving your problem.


Our remote connection software comes as apart of our Total Care package, which would make the whole experience entirely free for you.


If you are not a Total Care customer we can arrange a remote session for you at a one off cost 


If you would like to book a time for an engineer to remote connect to your computer just call our shop or come into the store and we will see what we can arrange to suit you.

Data rec

Data Recovery

Accidents happen and the loss of your data can be catastrophic.

We offer world-leading solutions and multiple service options for all types of data recovery, we can scan through the device using a variety of software and programs to attempt to recover the missing files.

We can attempt to recover data from:
• Any hard drive
• Any USB memory stick
• Any digital camera memory card
• Any tape drive system

Regardless if the device has failed, been reformatted or has lost its array we can usually recover data from it. Please call, email or come into our shop and we can try to help in whatever way we can to recover your data.

Screen Replacements


Have you had an accident with your computer? Dropped? Knocked or damage that has affected the screen? It can happen all too easily.


We have a wide number of suppliers that stock almost every screen under the sun which we can get a hold of next working day. In order to replace the screen we take apart the front panel of the computer for the model number to find the correct screen and then fit it when it arrives.


The price of the replacement depends on the several factors including the type of machine, size of screen etc if you would like us to quote you the price give us a call

Broad B

Internet Connections

We can provide you with a variety of internet connection solutions


Via your BT phone line we can offer our own managed business grade broadband service, with speeds running upto 80Mb download and 20Mb upload and a static IP address.


Satellite Broadband

Our service provides reliable, high-speed, always-on internet access wherever you are. Our network connects entirely via our satellites, so whether you are in the city centre or the depths of the countryside, you can read the latest news, check your emails, upload documents, or download music via your Satellite Broadband connection.


Via the Mobile phone network

We have a assortment of options, for adhoc, contract free mobile broadband connections- please contact us for details




Networking and Wireless

We can resolve all types of domestic networking and wireless range and speed issues


Often the addition of a couple of "Homeplug" range extenders the problem is solved, other-times we may need to be more resourceful.


We have installed "total property" wifi systems in houses in excess of 10,000 square meters, and we have installed range boosters to permit connection to garden base home offices several hundred yards "down the garden"   


What ever your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch


Custom Built Pc's

We can order a variety of desktops into our shop next working day, but if none of these take your fancy, there is always the option of a custom build machine. Whether it is for a day to day use computer, high spec gaming PC or even a photo editing machine, we can help find the best quality components specific for your need, which is built and tested at a high standard all ready for your intended use.

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